Friday, July 5, 2013

Kicking off our First Ever #ForArtistsFriday w/

Preech The-Profit

**Disclaimer**  #ForArtistsFriday was created specifically to promote artists bio's, upcoming events, and newly released music. We chose to start off our First #ForArtistsFriday with Preech The-Profit because his poetry is not only exemplary and inspirational but he has managed to create a movement designed to spread the word about spoken word & poetry events everywhere (#ThePoetryMovement)! So #Support and Let's continue to #SaveOurSelves -S.O.S. Magazine

About ___Spoken Word Artist, Hip-Hop Artist, & Entrepreneur. Founder/Director of #ThePoetryMovement(@TPMvmt). Founder of What's The News?(@WhatsTheNews_). My goal is to promote unity, individuality, & wisdom. Follow me on Twitter @PreechTheProfit
The Preech part of "Preech The Profit" came after he had taken the time to analyze his performance methods & noticed that he almost sounded like a preacher reciting a speech. "The Profit" came from his desire to give back to communities & be a "profit to society" in addition to a pun with the word "Prophet" as a result of his self-proclaimed ability to philosophize. Born as Jordan Nichols, spoken Word artist, Hip-Hop Artist, & Entrepreneur Preech The Profit's interest in words began in elementary school when he would read the dictionary as if it were a book. As his knowledge for the meanings & sounds of words grew, he later reached a stage in middle school where he found the creativity in word play to be very interesting. This new found interest led him to the exploration of his abilities to arrange words in ways that fit together as if they were a finished puzzle. During this time, he continued to write lyrics without a purpose other than to explore his imagination. Preech began to take on poetry as a way of life after working on the verses for a song & feeling as if the lyrics needed no instrumental to be appealing, because the lyrics alone carried the fluent tune of a professional song. It was at this time that he really began to notice just how talented of a writer he was. This realization brought him to an interest of exploring his talents in spoken word. He began to make YouTube videos & advertise them on social networking sites. This led to him being offered the opportunity to perform at a fashion show. Ever since then, Preech has been performing & featuring at many different venues in areas such as Pensacola, FL, Ft. Walton Beach, Fl, Mobile, AL, Augusta, GA, & Atlanta, GA. As he is always looking for ways to advance his career, he may soon be visiting a town near you. Preech is also the founder of a collective of people that come together under the campaign name "#ThePoetryMovement"(@TPMvmt) with a goal to increase the overall audience of spoken word. He has also spent time as a co-host of internet radio show “Sounds of Soul” which aired on WHER Heritage Radio (
) every Friday & Saturday from 10pm-12am Central Time. Shortly after his agreement with "Sounds of Soul", Preech eventually became the "Social Media Coordinator" for WHER Heritage radio. Preech is also the founder of a movement with an organization of people called "What's The News?", a team of intellectual individuals who have dedicated a great deal of their time into introducing to the world news that they feel their audience will find useful in aiding the growth of the unity & consciousness of the world.

To find out more about #ThePoetryMovement follow this link  :

"Poetry saves lives. & I look at my ppl everyday wondering if I or another artist can can give them lyrics of hope. Too many people are letting ignorance become their guide in life & it is my dream that one day poetry will save many from destruction, either by hearing or EXPRESSING it & letting their souls fly." --Preech The Profit

This has been a #Save.Our.Selves. Exclusive!
**S.O.S. Magazine

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Survive and Inspire Sunday: Behind The Mask....

My Name is SeNiece D'Mai H. I have always considered myself the fly on the wall. Sharing this story naturally makes me a little uncomfortable because it means for once in my life taking center stage. It means having the courage to share a peace of my soul with all of you. So here it is... 

The beginning of my second year in college I suffered from 2nd and 3rd degree burns to my entire face, my chest arms and legs. I was 19 yrs. Old. If I hadn’t lived through it I would have been convinced to this day that it was just a nasty nightmare. It started on what seems to be a normal day. I was doing what I always do best, helping. I was about to go to work but I stopped to help my grandfather burn garbage in our back yard. The garbage consisted of a pile of dead tree limbs, a broken sofa chair, a large bag of pecans and other debris. I remember it like it was yesterday. We poured what we believed to be kerosene oil on the pile. Kerosene oil burns slowly so that the person who ignites the fire has time to walk away before it really starts to burn. We were mistaken on many counts that day. I told my grandfather I got it because I'd done it some many times before. As I struck the match the wind blew it right out. That didn’t deter me; Although the match had clearly just burnt out I stuck it to a leaf on a dead branch that sat low on the pile. Apparently it was still hot enough to ignite what we later found out to be gas that we poured on the pile of garbage. In less than an instant, a semi-second maybe the entire pile blew up in my face. The fire department later confided that pecans also hold oils and gases of their own and had added to the force of the explosion. I had been wearing meager attire. A simple spaghetti strapped shirt and cutoff legging. The gust of the fire blew me away a couple feet. In a moment of panic I touched my face. I could feel what little skin I had left sticking against the inside of my hands. My grandfather was trying to help me up and I asked him the first question that came to me. I said, “Daddy is my face gone?” He closed his eyes briefly, directed me to his pickup truck, and as I entered I could see my reflection in the tinted windows. That reflection has been permanently imprinted in my mind. My skin was hanging and I was three shades darker than my natural complexion. I had raw spots on my face and on other parts of my skin there was nothing more than meat and bones. Just when my life seemed almost normal... something else had went terribly wrong. It was a blow not just physically but emotionally to look in the tinted window of my grandfathers truck and not recognize myself. My grandfather stopped on our property on our way out to the hospital to pick up my grandmother. He yelled for her to hurry up because something horrible had happened. As she turned toward the truck from our back door she screamed. She screamed a scream like you hear in the movies. It was a scream like she had just seen a ghost or a dead person walk straight out from the grave they were lying in. That’s when I knew that it was bad. Her scream to me was more real than seeing my own reflection. In her scream I felt the pain that the adrenaline had been keeping at bay. I felt the despair that my own thoughts had been avoiding. I was flown to Doctor’s Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. I was met there by my grandparents, my brother, and our best friend. Our best friend was the boy who had held my heart since I was thirteen years old. They immediately cried when they saw me and told me they loved me. I was in pain because they were in pain. I was more hurt that they had to see me like that than I was for my own position. I attempted to lighten their mood the best way I knew how. I joked with them. I told them that when I was better, because I would get better, that they better watch out. The doctors had already explained to me that after the procedure I would have an overlay of skin. Something to protect me until my natural skin had grown back. I told my brother and his friend that I was going to come home with two skins. I told them that I would be twice as tough when it was all over and then I could kick their butts in everything. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks while I was operated on, poked and prodded and drugged. The doctors scraped all the burnt skin off my body. I awoke wrapped up like a mummy. I stayed in pretty good spirits throughout my stay in the hospital because my reality had not really hit me yet. Not until my last day, the day before I was to be sent home did I really start feeling it. The woman who shared my hospital room had been burned in her kitchen. The entire back of her head was burned. We were receiving our lunch that afternoon when her family came to visit her. While they were there they called her by a name I hadn’t heard called in a very long time. They called her Neicy. Her government name which the nurse had called her was Denise Hines. That name put me in an state of instant sadness because my mother’s name had been Denise Haynes. I thought as I lay there what were the chances of having a roommate with almost the exact name as my mothers. The woman who had loved me beyond life itself and who would have been devastated that something so dire had happened to her little girl. At that moment the loss of her hurt more than ever. The rest of my day I waited for my grandmother to arrive. She was going to stay with me on my last night in the hospital. I cried all afternoon because it seemed to take forever for her to get there. She did come but in the time it took her to get there I had no way of blocking out my surroundings. I could hear so clearly the other patients, some of them children that had been burned and could not be pacified enough by the medication they were given. The children that were burned cried for hours. My spirit broke on behalf of their pain. Where were the parents I asked myself? Why was there no one around to save them? Subsequently I was sent home behind a mask. It was made from pig skin and stapled to the areas where I was now skinless. During my three week period home where I was healing I did a lot of reflecting. I was blessed I knew because it could have been worse. I was so close to the fire that the doctors were amazed that I could see. They were taken aback at the fact that I could still breathe and function on my own. I knew that I would heal. The doctors had told me that I would recapture my looks. They said I would be the same old me before I even knew it. But as I sat in my home fighting pain, trying to walk on blistered ankles I wondered if I would ever be me. I knew even if no one else did that the burns I received left more than just imprints and scarring on my skin. I had been scarred emotionally and mentally. I thought about my experiences. If I allowed my mother’s death or the fire to kill me spiritually or physically what would I be able to say of the life I left behind. What had I done to change the world or my world? I thought most people would look back and say I remember that girl… she was nice. She went through a lot of pain. I decided that if and when it was my time to leave this earth I wanted to be remembered for more than my pain and suffering. I wanted to be remembered as more than just the victim. I wanted people to look at the memory of me and say that girl took her life and did something amazing. That girl made a difference! I no longer just wanted to survive I wanted to inspire. My difference is Save.Our.Selves aka S.O.S. Magazine. It is believing in something bigger than myself that has me alive and quite well today! As my good friend A.R. Stylez likes to quote: "Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened." So I hope that by shining light on a dark point in my life others will be enlightened. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Thank you to my BigMommie for being my best friend. Thank you GOD for keeping me.   --SeNiece

Behind The Mask! 

I look in the mirror
Who is that I ask?
But no one responds…
All I see is a mask

I said, This is a dream right?
The Mask
A cruel joke, a nightmare?
And He said, “But you’re alive!”
So I close my eyes and thanked my God
For my life He sure did spare

I relive these moments in my head
Over and over again
Yet I can’t express them to my right hand woman
My handy dandy Mrs. Pen

But wait! Here they come!
This unsung song of sorrow keeping me from
Being whole
I cry as words pour out of me
That were burning through my soul

I thought it was just another ordinary day
Just another morning I forgot to take a moment to pray
And thank God for life and health
And in an instant
It was gone

I screamed as I felt the skin hanging in a space
I once called my face
My window to the world

I yelled for my daddy
Behind The Mask!
And I asked him is my face gone?
And although he said no
The look of fear in his eyes was beyond forlorn

It coulda been worse….
I shoulda been dead…
And when these thoughts surrounded me,
I have a work for you He said

This is my written testimony
Of how I lived two weeks behind a mask
Sometimes I question why God picked me
To overcome another difficult task

But I can see a change in myself
And it’s more than just having new skin
I feel like my pain was buried
And my soul was born again

I look in the mirror once again
A perfect reflection made of glass
I know I can make it now
I see my face behind the mask

I wake up and thank GOD! For He has surely brought me a mighty long way!

This has been a #Save.Our.Selves. Exclusive!
**S.O.S. Magazine

Monday, June 24, 2013

Noah Vinson (S.O.S. Monday Music Fix)

Be Productive today! Check Out Our Monday Music Fix with Noah Vinson

Photo By: Sharisse Daley

Noah Vinson is an American Hip-Hop Artist from the Bronx NY.
Known for his extensive vocabulary and unique points of view, his ability to tell a story is what draws you in the most. With numerous performances around the NYC area and words of inspiration from various mentors, Noah Vinson is hard working , determined, and destined to become someone outstanding.

Twitter : @Sonotnoahvee 
Instagram : @Sonotnoahvee

Noah Vinson  links up with L.A. based producer Sirplus Beats and Drops a new bonus off his "Young & Proud" mixtape to be released late 2013. (Sounds Like : Add-2 / 9th Wonder / Little Brother etc.) 

"Y.G.A" [Prod. Sirplus] : "Y.G.A" (Single) On Soundcloud

This has been a #Save.Our.Selves. Exclusive!
**S.O.S. Magazine